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Lasse Skriver is one of Denmark's new and most successful male artists. At the age of 19, he’s already on the rise to stardom in Scandinavia. After gaining fame on XFactor at the age of 17, he has managed to build an audience of dedicated fans, who are enchanted by his outstanding vocal and inclusive personality. Next step on his journey is to build an audience outside of Scandinavia. Lasse Skriver is signed to Sony Music.


The musical direction for this new era is based upon a more produced sound combined with a few organic elements. Tight productions with small hook-elements like a cool bass-line, characteristic drums or an interesting guitar/synth pattern. See first 5 songs on ref. playlist for inspiration for the production. Avoid too organic sounding productions, horns/strings, and gospel choirs. Lyrics themes: family, love, memories, youth, coming home. No relationship lovesongs...

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